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General description:

A scroll compressor, has the perfect balance between a piston and a screw compressor, has a higher efficiency, more favorable in maintenance, less heat development, an extremely long life, can work in a 24/24 environment werietus in werietus mode nus, on hoelasft mod . (no condensation) and especially very quiet, which is much appreciated in many workhouses.
This scroll compressor with pump housing in Iwata (Japan) is a technology that has been used for many years in the air conditioning industry, including Daikin.
Javac has succeeded in bringing these compressors with micro-lubrication, which means that the lifespan is + 50,000 operating hours.
The scroll compressor is equipped with a controller that monitors its proper functioning and has an automatic alarm function for maintenance, which you can either carry out yourself or by our technician.
in other words we no longer see any reason to work with a conventional screw compressor in capacities between 5.5 HP and 20 HP.
There are 3 versions, there are 2 “standalone” versions, one with an operating pressure of 8.5 bar, and the second version with an operating pressure of 16 bar, which can be used very well with a laser, among other things, to reduce the costs of CO², I will see you my laser, here you still have to connect a boiler and dryer with the provided flexible, or you can also opt for the practical combi version, this is on a boiler of 270 liters (no annual inspection) with a suitable condenser dryer , equipped with pre-in after filter.

The Javac scroll compressors come in 3 versions
1. “Stand alone” in working pressure 8.5 bar
2.“Stand alone” in working pressure 16 bar
3.“All in one” with working pressure 8.5 bar

Scroll compressors
For many a noble unknown, and therefore unloved technology.
A scroll compressor is nothing less than the perfect marriage between a screw and a piston compressor, economical and simple as a piston, and quieter than a screw.
A scroll compressor simply stops when the barrel is full while a screw goes into expensive freewheel to avoid condensation.
Then calculate another +20% more return.
Then the bill is quickly made.
The Scroll pump in essence: two mathematical figures that rotate into each other practically without friction (little wear) give this impressive efficiency.
This gives you a “whisper” compressor, releases less heat, has a longer lifespan, and you save on maintenance.
Unlike other suppliers, this scroll compressor is oil-injected, and therefore by definition has a longer life.
The complete operation of the compressor is controlled by a PLC, which, among other things, ensures coasting at start-up and stop.
The compressor will also switch itself off in the event of a possible danger.
The oil should be changed every 2500 working hours along with the oil and air filter, which can easily be done by the customer himself, or if you prefer by you or our technical services.
Our scroll compressors are available with a capacity of 7.5 HP to 20 HP, and with an operating pressure of 8.5 and 16 bar.
There are two versions on the one hand in “stand alone” and on the other in a 3 in 1 combination.

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