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  • Low maintenance costs, easy to perform yourself
  • Noise level of 70dBA at 7 meters
  • Energy Saving for Compressed Air Dryer
  • Up to 16 compressors in cascade
  • IP 55 housing
  • Compressor equipped with controller
  • Star/triangle starting system
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General description:

The reliability and service life is extremely high due to the simplicity in design.
The rotary vane compressor is the technology of choice for companies that are allergic to high maintenance costs, maintenance is limited to the timely replacement of oil and air filter.
A job that you can easily do yourself.
This technology is less well known, among other brands that mainly rely on the after-service on their compressors.
With an average noise emission of 70 dBa at 7 meters, the noise level is within the standards of ARAB or the ARBO legislation.
The design of the compressor looks very sober and neat.
The large radiator ensures that the compressed air delivered is only 10 C° above the ambient temperature, saving energy by the compressed air dryer before it is discharged to the compressed air tank.
The simple control allows you to place up to 16 compressors in cascade, in order to adjust your compressed air requirement to your own needs, resulting in a saving on your energy costs.
The unit is equipped with IP 55, which makes it suitable for use in harsh environments. (dust/splash water).
The compressor is equipped with controller. Start-up is done by a star/triangle starting system.

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