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  • Werkdruk tot 16 bar
  • Van 20% tot volcontinu inzetbaar
  • Lange levensduur
  • Beperkte warmteontwikkeling
  • Slechts 62 dB
  • Lage onderhoudskosten
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Meer informatie
Meer informatie

While the vast majority of compressed air applications are limited to 6.2 bar working pressure, and therefore have sufficient pressure with a final pressure of 8 bar, there are still a number of applications where a higher compressed air pressure is desired.
We are thinking here of transport companies, tire centers, for truck tires that require a tire pressure of 9.8 bar, but also, for example, laser cutting machines where you significantly reduce the cost with compressed air, our 16 bar scroll is particularly suitable for this.
Furthermore, this scroll also has the advantages of this technology: quiet, economical, and a long setting time with little heat development.

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