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  • Complete grid independent package
  • Smart & Safe
  • Semi mobile
  • Charging 10x faster than a regular socket
  • 3 year warranty


    “zero emission fuel”

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Smart and safe EV charger for home or work.

Do you have an EV, or are you planning to do so?
Then you need a home charger that can charge your electric car quickly, smartly and safely.
Our Javac SL-EV semi-mobile charging unit is a smart charger that automatically adapts to all electric cars.
The charger is packed with technology and safety features, but is very easy to use.
Your car will be charged quickly and efficiently at the most competitive price, and very interesting from a tax point of view!
And up to 10x faster than with a regular socket.
The charger makes optimal use of the available capacity and guarantees the maximum charging capacity.
The Charging Robot supports charging up to 22 kW.
The charger has a standard type 2 connector.
With the option to connect multiple chargers in parallel if needed.

*Full dynamic charging power 1.4 – 22 kW (1- and 3-phase charging)
*Load balancing of up to 3 units per fuse without additional infrastructure (wireless)
*An automatic queuing system
*The load and phase balancing works offline
*Integrated 4G in every unit (e-SIM), free lifetime subscription included
*Wi-Fi connection possible
*Permanent locking of the Type 2 cable possible
*Integrated earth leakage protection (Integral type B RCD)
*Integrated RFID reader (NFC / ISO 14443 and MiFare Classic)
*Energy measurement (+/- 3%), to read your charging consumption
*The box itself is small compared to other systems and weighs only 1.5 kg
*3 year warranty from the day the charger is installed
*Universal, fits all types of electric cars
*Manual and digital control (free App)
*3 power versions of our SL-EV semi-mobile chargers 15, 25 or 40 KVA

Javac now offers you a complete network-independent package and assists you from quotation to delivery.
No more worries about rising electricity prices that help determine the cost price of the price/km.
We also offer you the necessary warranty and after-service.
More You can also use this system to charge your home battery if you decide to go off grid.
And finally, you have a powerful emergency power installation if you equip it with an ATS system, so that you are prepared for anything.

Our package consists of;
Intelligent charging box 22kW (wall mounting or combi charging station).
SL-EV Generator power to be determined by choice, also heavier versions on request.
With our SL-EV semi-mobile chargers equipped with an intelligent charging station, charging a battery of 100 kWh at a cost of 7.5 to 10 liters of red fuel oil for tractors, calculate what you can save annually, with a relatively limited investment.
With a very short payback period.
In any case, much more economical than charging along the road or at home on the grid, and especially consider the capacity tariff that is due in July 2022.
For more information contact us without obligation.


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