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  • 100% Leak-free compressed air line and extremely long life
  • No glue, soldering, or screws required
  • Will not sag over time like PVC pipes
  • Visually very tight and streamlined compressed air line
  • Simple and super fast click system
  • No rust or dirt due to the use of chromed inner wall, powder-coated ALU tubes
  • Resistant to temperatures from -20 C° to + 100 C°
  • Diameters from 20 to 200 mm
  • Aerosol resistant, UV resistant, shockproof, and resistant to all chemical attack
  • Suitable for inert gases and various liquids, including hydraulics, vacuum, etc. (colour codes)
  • For the self-installer or by our assembly service
  • Test pressure for hydraulic lines 400 bar
  • Full ALU version, also the appendages and ball valves
  • Extremely light construction ideal for cableways and quick assembly 


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EQOfluids is a guaranteed 100% leak-free ALU pipe system, mounting provided with a click system, so done with glues, welding, screws, etc. A very tight system, does not sag, is protected against corrosive action, & solvents, rust-free, no pressure drops due to an absolutely smooth inner wall also at the couplings, diameter available from 20 to 200 mm. Not only for compressed air, but also for vacuum, hydraulics, water, steam, etc. This system has been tested at 400 bar. Everything in ALU, gives a very light construction, easy to place, on the wall or in cable ducts. First a ring main, then with patented brackets a down pipe to the mm correct.

How to save 30% or more on your compressed air cost?

​Your attention is mainly focused on the operation of your compressor and on the compressed air applications, usually the compressed air line is not in sight, but it is precisely here that important payback effects can be created! We can essentially reduce this to these 3 errors:

Bad pipe diameter and choice of pipe!
Almost every compressed air installation suffers from these 3 defects: flow losses, pressure drops and leakage losses.
This is then often compensated by increasing the working pressure of the compressor by 2 bar or more, with the result that your electricity and maintenance costs of your compressor shoot up, here are our 3 tips on how to avoid this cost:

​A: correct diameter of your compressed air network, depending on the desired working pressure, the flow rate.
Also keep in mind that you can expand in the future, so that you don’t have to start over from scratch.
Request a quote without obligation, we will come to see the situation on site, and we will compile a compressed air pipeline plan that meets your wishes 100%.

B: choose the right material, avoid steel pipes (rust), PVC (leaks due to poor bonding, aging, sagging) or other inadequate pipes.
We often even come across installations with compressed air hoses, fastened with colson straps.
Provide the correct pipe material, take into account that the inner wall of the pipe is smooth, that couplings are used that do not constrict, which leads to turbulence and consequently to expensive pressure drops, use condensation-free branches, even if an air dryer is provided .
Finally, make sure of the structure of your pipeline network, go for a straight network or opt for the induction loop.
In principle, the working pressure is supplied with compressed air at 6 bar.
Suppose you have to adjust your compressor to 9 or 10 bar working pressure due to an ill-considered compressed air line, because the desired pressure does not reach your machines, then this will cost you up to 30% or even more of your energetic capacity, make the calculation .
By choosing EQOFLUID, you have a very high payback time.

Do not delay and replace your existing and expensive compressed air line as soon as possible!
Many workshops and factories have been in operation for 20-30 years or more, and due to the growth of a company, there is a constant expansion, also in the compressed air requirement.
Have you ever considered the condition of your current system pipes and what those pipes look like on the inside: corrosion, rust, diameter differences, consequence: turbulence, pressure drops and compressed air leaks.
Result: you burn your capital on useless costs.

Compressed air line in galvanized pipe !
A compressed air network in iron pipes is a practice from 30 years ago.
Even for water pipes this is no longer used, because of the rust formation, just like with compressed air.
In addition, these tubes worked with threaded connection a guarantee against leaks.
Even with the new press systems, this is not the most ideal choice, because it is designed for water and oil pipes, but compressed air behaves completely differently and has its specific requirements.
There are also no couplings or branches on the market that can serve for an adaptation to compressed air

How important and expensive compressed air leaks can be, here is an example at the current electricity rates (2018) a leak of 1 mm costs, and usually the compressor is on standby 24/24 h 491 Euro per year.
Suppose you have 10 of these minuscule almost inaudible leaks, you are already well above the investment of a large compressed air loop…
To our surprise, plastic pipes are still offered, these begin to sag after a while, adhesives come loose, or are not glued according to the rules of the art, and are mechanically quite fragile.
As you can see, there is only one certainty and that is the eqofluid ALU system.
Light in weight, mechanically non-deformable, easily expandable, 100% leak-tight, and can be installed yourself if desired, or installed by our experienced experts.

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