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General description:

An emergency power generator is like a life insurance policy.
They hope to never need her, but when the need strikes, they are glad she is there.

In addition to a full tank, the most important thing for an emergency power generator is a perfect battery, so that it is always ready for use.
That is why our emergency power generators are always equipped with an electronic pulse battery charger, which keeps your battery in optimum condition for a very long period of time.
An emergency power generator is essentially used to power the critical components of a business or household.
These are, for example, (heat) pumps, light, alarm systems, lifts, refrigerators and freezers, fans, and other machines that enable the household or company to provide continuity of its activities.

Full power requirement
Did you know that your entire power requirement can also be covered in the event of a power failure?
It is good for this if you make a list of all consumers, and this increases by a factor of 25% or 50% for some heavy engines.
Do you also want to connect high-tech components, such as Plasma TV, CNC-controlled machines, UPS rooms, and other high-quality devices and machines that do not allow to have a ripple on the sinus ?
No problem.
We can also provide our Nanomag generators as emergency power generators for you, starting with our 6 KW NM-7500-A/ATS!

Automatische netovername
For the classic power sources, Javac has a reliable yet affordable range of emergency power generators, which vary from about 4 kW to 500 kW.
All our emergency power configurations are equipped with automatic grid takeover with phase monitoring (ATS).
This gives you the peace of mind that if a power failure occurs during your absence or at night, your generator will automatically take over the grid within 7 seconds (if you don’t want to “go through the dark during these 7 seconds, we have to provide extra in a battery pack).
We also provide a bypass that is installed by our technicians (paying per running meter).

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Curious about the possibilities?

For those looking for affordable quality. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.