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General description:

In the selection criteria to make the right choice for a suitable screw compressor, there are many parameters that must be examined closely in order to: The noise level, the required power, the intensity of use, the energy consumption, the industry, carpentry, sandblasting, garage, tire center , etc.
Every industry has its own needs.

  • Stationary or mobile setup?
  • The quality of the compressed air.
  • Whether or not a suitable dryer.
  • The required workload.
  • How critical is compressed air for your company?
  • Does the compressed air come into contact with the food chain, in this case oil-free, food-grade oil or extra filters?
  • The set-up and execution, automotive or industrial?
  • The expected life, whether also used or new is a possible choice.
  • If there is a need for a lease proposal, or is renting a solution, then also the warranty conditions, followed by a maintenance contract.
  • And finally, what budget is available?

    We will also look at whether a screw compressor is the right choice. A scroll or piston compressor, whether or not soundproofed, may be considered.

    An advisor always visits the site first, before recommending a compressor, we first listen very carefully to your needs and wishes as a customer, and then come to the right choice in consultation.
    Ask us for a free and non-binding advice, so that you invest exactly in the right compressor.
    The fact that you are reading this indicates that you also orientate what is offered on the internet, most people are mainly oriented by the “price” let us say that you are with us.
    You will experience an unprecedented price/quality ratio for every discipline.
    At Javac we have a healthy aversion to offering things that are diametrically opposed to the real needs of the customer, ie you.
    You will notice that investing in a new screw compressor should not be taken lightly, our colleagues, especially those who mainly operate on the internet, and the many tool shops, usually do not have the expertise in-house to professionally serve their customers. to inform.
    We always proceed as follows, one of our specialists, together with +60 years of experience in compressed air, will visit you and provide you with a free advice after a thorough analysis of your real compressed air needs, linked to the current situation.
    For example, we often see that the choice goes to a screw compressor to reduce the noise load, we have better proposals in this area. (Scroll compressors).
    We will also pay attention to the COO (cost of ownership) over the total depreciation period, provided that a VSD/PM compressor has a payback effect of 2 to 3 years compared to a conventional screw compressor.
    If you are in the medical, petrochemical or food industry, oil-free compressed air is essential, here too we have great solutions that significantly reduce heat, noise, maintenance and energy costs.
    During this visit we will not only analyze your compressed air needs, but we will look down the air to see what can be improved or replaced if necessary, and then we will talk about the compressed air dryer, whether or not an absorption dryer, filters, etc. .
    We will also inspect your existing compressed air line for leaks with an ultrasonic leak detection system, (know that a 1 mm leak costs a small fortune in energy)
    Finally, we will talk about the after-sales service, maintenance and warranty provisions, so that you can make the appropriate investment with complete certainty, and where you will reap the benefits for years to come, we await your invitation for a structural meeting.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Curious about the possibilities?

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