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Piston compressor

5-year warranty on TX and VX compressors

General description:

The Javac compressors are distinguished, among other things, by the use of thick-walled boilers with an anti-rust treatment on the inside, which makes it almost impossible to rust through the compressed air tank.
Unlike other manufacturers, we use the B3/IE2 industrial motors that drive the compressor with normal torque.
The TX/VX compressors are also equipped with an interbuffer, present on the compressed air vessel, so that a high peak load is avoided as much as possible.
This will become important in 2022 when the Electro tariffs are linked to the highest peak power, and it is precisely now that piston compressors form a very high peak load.
The cast iron compressor pumps produced in CZ Republic are equipped with concentric valves, which allow them to guarantee a more than decent air output at a low speed.
This results in high-quality, low-condensation compressed air.
In contrast to the compressors made of ALU, which are equipped with butterfly valves, which require a much higher speed.
Result: more heat development, this heat has a negative effect on the quality of both the obtained compressed air and the durability of the compressor.
On average, the Javac TX/VX compressors have a net delivery efficiency of 100 litres/minute per horsepower engine power and at 10 Bar.
This is significantly better than other reciprocating compressors
By copper coil, extra cooled intermediate pipes, and a V-pump, optimum cooling of generated compressed air is obtained.
All compressors are fitted with a thermal switch to protect the motor.
The mobile compressors are equipped with a sturdy undercarriage and ditto wheels, which makes it possible to move these compressors frequently and easily.
The compressors are supplied as standard without a star-delta switch.
To further avoid peak powers, you can opt for a soft starter (see spare parts & accessories).
To enjoy the 5-year factory warranty, you must remove the running-in oil with the Nanofix compressor oil for the first 50 hours, and then perform an oil change every 400 hours.
This oil has an additive that polishes the metal parts and separates the condensation water from the oil.

Single-stage compressor TX series, available from 3 hp 220 up to and including 5.5 HP 220/380 frequently used for the workshop in general, where it comes down to providing a relatively large amount of compressed air.
Available in 220 volts with a double Nano motor with a 1000 liter aspirated flow.
These high-efficiency compressors are extremely reliable, inexpensive to purchase and maintain, and are still the most purchased compressors.

​Tweetrapscompressoren VX serie, available with a three-phase motor of 7.5 HP and 10 HP, 3x 220/380 volts.
These differ from the TX series due to their higher working pressure of 12 bar (Max. 14 bar) mainly used by workhouses dealing with truck tires with 9.8 bar tire pressure.
The higher pressure is at the expense of the flow rate, as 1 cylinder is used to boost the pressure to 14 bar final pressure.

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