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General description:

The roller dynamometer is an indispensable tool when welding various cylindrical workpieces such as pipes and tubes, etc.
The dynamometer offers the welder the possibility to manipulate various welding works or workpieces and to rotate in two directions with a foot switch, remote control or control panel.
A dynamometer consists of two or more benches, the master of which is provided with the drive by means of a dynamometer. carrying wheels that are covered with a soft coating, which have a grip on the workpiece, and 1 or more followers that further support the workpiece.
As you will notice in our catalogue, the smallest dynamometer can be used up to a weight of 1200 kg.
This simple dynamometer, is very compact in construction, equipped with an on/off foot switch and is a popular item, especially for smaller diameters.
The SIR series, with a capacity of 1 to 5 tons, are high quality single wheel dynamometers.
For heavy loads, we have versions with self-centering wheels.
All models can be used with the remote control or the control panel to control these drive wheels, making it easy to turn the workpiece into the correct position.
Working with these rollers saves enormous time, and it is no longer necessary to call in colleagues to position or turn the workpiece.
By using a roller bench, the welder is able to complete the welding in one movement.
The capacity of our dynamometers is up to 50 tons, and even heavier versions are available on request.
Our rollers are in stock up to 10 tons.

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