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  • Heavy duty pump
  • Pressure regulator with water separator
  • German condor pressure gauge
  • Powder coated tank
  • Glycerin-filled manometer
  • Fits in small space
  • Solid rubber wheel
  • Drain valve type ball valve
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Javac also offers vertical compressors in its range.
They are equipped with a cast iron pump.
Also equipped with an advanced belt drive.
These compressors are individually tested in our workshops.
They are extremely suitable for placing in small spaces due to the vertical arrangement.
Easy to move and equipped with a sturdy handle.
The air outputs for these models are sufficient to meet compressed air needs on the move for, among other things, nut drivers.
Tire companies, service vehicles, sandblasters, picking companies, etc. have an answer to their compressed air needs on the road with these compressors.

LV 150

Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Speed 945 rpm
Engine 3.0 HP / 2.2W
Max. press 10 bar
Flow rate 452 liters
Lubricated Yes
Cylinders  3
Tank Contents 150 liters
Size 723x644x1361 mm
Weight 127 Kg

LV 350

Voltage 230V / 400V
Speed 1100 rpm
Engine 7.5 HP
Max. press 14 bar
Flow rate 750 liters at 6 bar
Tank Contents 270 liters
Size 750x760x1480 mm
Weight 210 Kg

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