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General description:

The SDE series of compact diesel generators from Javac distinguish themselves in price and quality from the many other similar generators that are offered here and there.
These SDE generators are also produced in China, but according to the strict Javac standards.
For example, we provide a written guarantee of 1000 operating hours.
We also have all spare parts in stock.
There is a small additional charge for commissioning these generators.
We charge 75 Euro for this, but then you are assured of a perfectly running machine.
Every day we are confronted with people who, at their wits’ end, knock on our door for the repair of their generator bought on the internet or along the road, but who have absolutely no company behind them.
We often have to disappoint these people, because these machines are not made for intensive use
As a result, these machines often break down after a few hours.
Javac stands behind its product with a well-oiled service department.
Go for security and safety, buy Javac!

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