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  • The Dental 3 ideal for dental practices whisper compressor on 230 volts
  • The stand-alone version can be further equipped with a dryer and boiler
  • Only 2 moving parts, see video presentation,
  • Limited heat development
  • Micro-lubrication for a very long life
  • PLC control with touchscreen
  • Absolutely no condensation problems as with the conventional screws
  • Compact design, takes up little space
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Meer informatie
Meer informatie

The “standalone” scroll compressor, a full-fledged workhouse compressor, is available in capacities from 5.5 to 20 hp, with a working pressure of 8.6 bar, it is suitable for most compressed air applications. Due to the sophisticated scroll design, this technology produces less heat because there are only 2 moving parts, less heat means better compressed air quality and less energy, resulting in 20% higher efficiency compared to a conventional screw compressor. This technology leads for both a full continuous process and an intermittent operation. A controller monitors the proper functioning of the compressor. This micro-oil injected compressor can also be used for the compressed air that comes into contact with the food chain, provided that food-grade oil and the necessary filters are even obtained a better result than the more expensive and less durable Oil-free scroll compressors. really the difference in quality, reliability and durability.

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