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Plasma cutters are an indispensable tool in every workshop, after all, where welding takes place, cutting has to be done and it is not always obvious to do this with sheet metal shears, grinding tools, cutting shears, oxy-fuel, or punching machine, just think of stainless steel, or plate thicknesses of 30mm and more, not to mention cutting out certain figures, or quickly burning out a corner of a poutrel that gets in the way.
Javac has a wide choice of plasma cutters from the AVALON series ranging from a 40 Amp 220 volt, which is extremely competitively priced, or the Avalon 41 PFC, which can handle up to 15 mm in 230 volts, provided its PFC technology and does not stop for hole plates.
In 400 volt machines we have the 60 amp for medium duty, over the portable 100 amp plasma cutter, up to the 120 and 160 amp stationary plasma burners.
The Avalon 20 is suitable for connection to our CNC cutting tables, which optionally has an interface to communicate with the CAD CAM software.
A not unimportant element of a plasma torch are the wearing parts, which are quite expensive for some brands, which makes it a lot less profitable to use plasma machines for the welding job.
At JAVAC we make sure that the wearing parts remain affordable without compromising the alloy of the electrodes and cutting tips.

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