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General description:

Oil-free compressed air is a term that is open to interpretation. First of all, consideration must be given to the application for which oil-free compressed air is required.
The dairy, laboratory, hospital or brewery is calibrated to ISO 8573-1 class 0.
For other applications, a technical oil-free class 1 compressor is sufficient. (air purity down to 0.01 microns).
In addition, the following parameters can be important, including the flow rate, working pressure and noise level of the application, and will determine which technology is chosen.​
If the noise level is important (eg dentist’s cabinet), a scroll compressor will be preferred.
For technical oil-free compressed air, we propose to provide a scroll compressor with “food-grade” oil, in combination with an absorption dryer -20 C° or even -70 C° supplemented with pre- and post-filters (including osmosis, carbon).
The oil bath keeps all the impure particles in the filters, there are theoretical discussions about this thesis between the different major compressed air providers.
But if there is a need for absolutely oil-free compressed air with the ISO 8573-1 class “0”, we propose the water-lubricated screw compressors, which are far ahead of the conventional Teflon screws in terms of price, maintenance and durability.
These are very safe to use in sensitive applications.
With class 0 you can be sure that absolutely no contamination reaches the equipment in the compressed air network with total and absolute protection for all your compressed air fed assets.
We are at your disposal for your choice of the suitable oil-free compressor.

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