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  • Compact built: small footprint compared to other welding tractors
  • Easy integration on all commercially available welding torches
  • High-quality welding results on long sections in horizontal or vertical position
  • Increased productivity through a consistently high, uninterrupted welding speed
  • Simple and safe operation for operators
  • Very sturdy and robust design
  • Available in different versions
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The Javac welding tractors close the gap between manual welding and flexible automation.
A range of economical welding tractors are the ideal entry-level solution for mechanized automation.
The javac welding tractors can be used in a wide range of welding jobs to quickly and effectively weld longitudinal and circumferential welds in horizontal or vertical positions, on profiles or pipes.
The Javac welding tractors can be easily adapted to individual requirements with a wide range of available cross braces and clamping accessories.
All components are built in a modular system for quick, easy installation and increased welding productivity.
The tractors with an oscillator ensure a perfect weld at high speed in a consistently high quality.
The oscillator has the following options (symmetrical/asymmetrical oscillator, center/left/right delay, frequency and width setting).
Clear digital display: shows speed, oscillator delay, slew setting and oscillator frequency.
The torch is adjustable on a 5-axis support. The speed of the tractor can be increased to 1200 mm/minute.
There are also additional functions such as: automatic start/stop, manually adjustable end crater filling for power sources with 4-cycle control (pre-, main, re-weld cycle and weld end).
In our catalog you will find welding tractors with multiple torches, battery operated, with magnet or vacuum guiding system.
Connecting the javac welding tractors is super easy with a user-friendly user interface for buttons and switches. The information of the various welding parameters is digitally brought to the control panel (on some versions).
Regardless of the welding machine, the javac welding tractor comes standard with an interface that connects welding machine, torch and tractor.
Activating the tractor automatically activates the welding machine. (Option)



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