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  • The only one worldwide with an air output of 500 litres/minute on 230 volt mono
  • Equipped with interbuffer to avoid peak load
  • Working pressure 8 bar delta 10 bar, safety valves at 12 bar
  • Equipped with a thick-walled tank, a guarantee of +30 years without rusting through
    4 HP PM motor allows you to only need a 16 AMP fuse
  • Slow-running cast steel pump in V (950 rpm)
  • Relatively quiet running with little noise pollution 72 dBa at 7 meters
  • Equipped with 2 sturdy carrying wheels
  • Air connections equipped with cooling fins ensures heat dissipation
  • Equipped with condensate drain at the bottom of the boiler
  • Equipped with compressed air pressure reducing valve to manually adjust the working pressure
  • Condor brand prestostat (D)
  • Equipped with 5 compressed air outlets, including a ball valve ¾” for large flow rates
  • 5 year factory warranty with proper maintenance
  • Compressor pump driven with V-belt
  • Little heat development from the compressed air guarantees minimal condensation
  • Tank of 100 liters
  • This piston compressor can run for a relatively long time before the oil in the crankcase evaporates
750.00 (907.50 incl. BTW)
 More information
 More information

The TX-3 is a bestseller in Javac’s compressor range. Originally, this compressor was equipped with a 3 HP motor, hence the name TX-3, but we have upgraded the pump so that 25% more power is now obtained.
That is why it is now equipped as standard with a unique 4 HP motor on 230 V.
It gives a flow rate of 400 liters at 0 bar and 360 liters at 6 bar, with a working pressure of 10 bar, and yet this pump only runs at 900 rpm with an aspirated flow rate of 500 lt./min).
Built around a 100 liter thick-walled tank (hence the weight of 120 kg).
Please note that our compressors have a small buffer tank, so that the E-motors always start in no-load load.
This way we avoid having to use motors with a very high torque.
This gives 2 major advantages: no peak load = lower power consumption and the possibility to run in continuous load (it is better not to do this with a normal compressor).
It goes without saying that it is desirable to determine the capacity of your compressor in such a way that a rest point of 30% of its capacity is obtained.
The compressor is also equipped with an automatic start/stop system (prestostat), a safety group, and a practical reducing valve with 2 outputs to regulate the pressure on the compressor itself.
There are also 2 Orion couplings for direct air extraction and a ½” exit for connection to a ring main in the workhouse.
This compressor stands on 2 strong solid rubber wheels, which makes frequent moving possible.
The quality of compressed air is obtained by getting it as cooled as possible in the tank.
This significantly reduces condensation and is directly responsible for the quality of the compressed air.
The TX-3 is equipped with a cast steel V-pump, which together with the rib-cooled pipe ensure optimal after-cooling of the compressed air.
As described above, the speed is limited to 900 rpm, so that the pump does not start up hot, and makes much less noise than.
This is possible because we use standard concentric valves instead of butterfly valves, which are a lot more expensive, but the result can be seen in much higher efficiency, less heat development, and finally superior compressed air quality.
Although the water delivery is more limited for the TX-3 compressors, we recommend a centrifugal filter or a compressed air dryer when using compressed air machines, sandblasting, paint sprayers, etc.
The maintenance of this compressor is limited to regularly releasing the condensation water from the boiler and changing the oil every 300 working hours, using only the Javac compressor oil that separates the condensation water from the oil.
Never put multigrade oil on the pump, this leads to serious damage to the compressor pump, in principle any compressor pump.

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