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JAVAC - S2000i Benzine Generator (2)
JAVAC - S2000i Benzine Generator
JAVAC - S2000i Benzine Generator (2)


  • Unprecedented portability and security
  • Monitor and control the S2000 with the APP on your smartphone
  • Ideal as an auxiliary engine for EV
  • Reliable electronic control system
  • Super style
  • Parallel function for dual units
  • Complies with EU safety certification
  • Optional with electric start
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Smart inverter generator

The structure of the device based on the innovative design, the S2000 gasoline generator has wheels and drawbar equipped on the side.
The “zero gravity” experience is unique when you move this portable generator.
The engine is equipped with a unique fuel system that allows you to operate the generator in any desired position, without fuel loss.
Compare this revolutionary generator with the current models in the market built around a frame, with this generator this no longer applies.
Resulting in the first truly portable generator.
This is an absolutely safe product.

The S2000 is also equipped with Gen-mate wireless monitoring and control system inside.
This allows users to monitor and track issues in real time via their smartphone.
Thanks in part to the Gen-mate system, the generator can remind you when it’s time to refuel or service.
So with No-mate, we can realize intelligent management of the generator unit.

The S2000 holds dozens of domestic and foreign patents, it is a quantum leap in the field of the portable generator.
Among other things, this generator can be used in the trunk of an electric car, to top up the batteries while driving, without fuel leaks, in fact a new era is dawning for portable generators.


Camping trips, hunting expeditions, emergency power supply, vehicles and yachts, backup power or even disaster relief.
The S2000 is always a powerful, portable companion.
It can help you experience grid power on disconnected property with ease.

Optionally available with electric start

  • Start and stop the generators with an app on your mobile phone
  • Starts by pressing the start button on the device
  • Start with pull cord with empty battery

​Product benefits

  • Unprecedented portability and security.
  • Monitor and manage unit with the APP on your smartphone.
  • Strong green force.
  • Reliable electronic control system.
  • Excellent adaptability to the environment.
  • Super style.
  • Parallel function for dual units.
  • Products meet EU safety certification.

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