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  • IGBT technology
  • The most powerful and lightest machine on the market
  • 400 AMP in absolute 100% short circuit
  • Programmable
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long power cable or welding cables no influence
  • Can be used on generators
  • Ideal for rough yards
  • Equipped with LED display
  • Very compact construction
  • Only 16 AMP needed from the net
  • Self-protection programs: phase failure, overvoltage / undervoltage, overheating
  • Equipped with Welding Current, Arc Force and Hot Start select button
1,128.003,295.00 (1,364.88 incl. BTW)
Meer informatie
Meer informatie
This Liliput series is a very popular series in use on construction sites, and where the utmost is expected from the devices.
These ultra light devices are equipped with the latest NANO IGBT semiconductors (Nanotechnology).
As a result, these machines can be used without loss of power where the welding cables can reach more than 100 meters (eg shipyards).
The machine is built between 2 impact-resistant plastic panels.

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