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  • The only one worldwide with an air output of 1000 litres/minute on 230 volt mono
  • Equipped with interbuffer to avoid peak load
  • Working pressure 8 bar delta 10 bar, safety valves at 12 bar
  • Equipped with a thick-walled tank, a guarantee of +30 years without rusting through
  • 2 x 4 HP PM motor allows you to only need a 16 AMP fuse
  • Slow-running cast steel pump in V (850 rpm)
  • Relatively quiet running with little noise pollution 72 dBa at 7 meters
  • Equipped with 2 sturdy carrying wheels
  • Air connections equipped with cooling fins ensures heat dissipation
  • Equipped with condensate drain at the bottom of the boiler
  • Equipped with compressed air pressure reducing valve to manually adjust the working pressure
  • Condor brand prestostat (D)
  • Equipped with 5 compressed air outlets, including a ball valve ¾” for large flow rates
  • 5 year factory warranty with proper maintenance
  • Compressor pump driven with V-belt
  • Little heat development from the compressed air guarantees minimal condensation
  • Tank of 150 liters and treated on the inside with a rust-resistant protection
  • This piston compressor can run for a relatively long time before the oil in the crankcase evaporates
    This compressor already meets the high peak load standards for the reform of the electricity rates that will take effect on 01/01/2022
1,650.00 (1,996.50 incl. BTW)
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 More information

The TX-3 BIS, with its 150 liter boiler, and above all the capacity of an intake volume of 1000 liters per minute, with a working pressure of 10 bar, this powerful compressor, with an extremely high air flow rate, is the ultimate solution for all those who aiming for a high air yield, but then on 230 volt mono.
Indeed, we managed to run this compressor (equipped with 2 x 4 HP Nano motors, with a very high Cos Phi, allowing to run both motors simultaneously) on a fuse of only 16 AMP.
For sandblasting, bead blasting, whether or not in a sandblasting cabinet equipped with a sandblasting gun with nozzle up to 8 mm, or for cleaning antique furniture, or derusting old iron, this makes the ideal solution for both the private and the more professional user. “sandblast compressor”, but also for the most diverse other applications where a large airflow is required on 230 volt mono.
It is indeed not obvious to use 3 x 400 Volt three-phase current or a petrol-driven compressor (in closed spaces) as an air compressor.
Look no further, Javac is the only one to have all these qualities of compressed air united in 1 compressor, the TX-3 BIS.

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