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  • Equipped with converted Suzuki engines
  • Suitable for natural gas, LPG, propane or biogas
  • Equipped with controller
  • Ideal as an emergency power installation with an ATS
  • Compact construction
  • Air and water-cooled engines
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Meer informatie
Meer informatie
  • The Javac gas generators, in a version from 8 to 23 kW, are typically generators mainly used for emergency power installations, provided with an ATS mains switch.
  • The big advantage is that you don’t have to stock up on fuel.
  • It is sufficient that you connect it to your natural gas network, or existing gas tank.
    An air-cooled version was deliberately chosen for the 8 kW, and for the 13 and 23 kW for a water-cooled engine, in function of more intensive use.
  • These generators testify to a high quality standard, the engines are a Suzuki petrol engine in concept, which can run as desired on petrol or on natural gas or LPG.
  • When ordering, please indicate which gas you want to run on, so that we can adjust the engine.
  • The generators are designed to operate in the open air.
  • However, make sure that this generator is protected against weather influences (roof).
  • You can also opt to place these gas generators indoors in a garage or basement, but make sure you have an exhaust to the outside and a gas detector, as safety that you get a gas leak.
  • You leave the installation and connection of the gas generator to our trained staff, who can also connect the ATS to the grid if desired.
  • When used as an emergency power generator, this generator will automatically start up in the event of a power failure, the internal circuit will take approximately 15 seconds to actually take over the grid.
  • During this period you will “go through the dark” this can be bridged provided a UPS (eg doctor’s cabinets) when the power failure is restored, the ats will also automatically give the grid priority back, without creating “back feed”.
  • The generator will continue to run for another 30 seconds to cool the engine.
    To determine the power of your generator you must add up all the necessary users.
  • In many cases, the 8 kW gas generator is more than powerful enough for a residential environment to save you the trouble of a power cut.
  • If you use the generator as a regular power supply, also take into account certain non-linear users such as compressors, pumps, etc.

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