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  • Ideal compressor for workhouse
  • 14 bar delta 12 bar for truck tires
  • Sufficient compressed air flow for heavy duty wrenches
  • Boiler 290 liters, so no annual inspection
  • Low speed and acceptable noise level
  • Low peak voltage at start (important from 2022)
  • Can run for quite a while before it gets too hot
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
2,318.00 (2,804.78 incl. BTW)
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 Meer informatie

The TX/VX piston compressors have been in our range for 30 years, and are manufactured in the former Sudetenland (CZ republic).
In contrast to the ALU pumps, these V-compressors, made of cast steel, have a particularly smooth running, low noise, slow running, and equipped with concentric valves, which guarantees a high efficiency.
All the piston compressors are equipped with an intermediate buffer, which significantly reduces the peak load and thus cos phi, resulting in a significantly lower energy consumption.
We provide a standard 5-year warranty on proper operation, even with intensive use, provided that the rest interval 3/10 is observed.
The compressors are standard equipped with cooling fins on air pipes to avoid condensation as much as possible.
Also equipped with a pressure reducing valve as standard, to regulate the pressure on the vessel itself.
The compressor is equipped with a safety group, with overpressure protection, 2 Orion quick couplings and condensate drain valve.
The lifespan of these compressors is +25 years, which is why they are also equipped with a thick-walled, rust-resistant, generously sized compressed air tank.
Finally, these compressors have the highest net efficiency on the market with more than 100 liters of output per horsepower, and therefore not “aspirated” volume where you have to subtract at least 25 to 40% to get the real returns.


Voltage 3 x 400 V/ 3 x 230 V = option
Engine 10 HP
Workload 14 bar
Aspirated Flow 1150 liters
Flow rate 1000 liters
Kettle 290 liters
Pump speed 850 rpm
Cylinders 3
Bore (mm) 100*3 mm
Starting system Direct start, soft start = option
Dimensions 1800x650x1020 mm
Weight 325 KG

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