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JAVAC - Universele koppeling 2-1JAVAC - Universele koppeling 1
JAVAC - Universele koppeling 2-1
JAVAC - Universele koppeling 2-1
JAVAC - Universele koppeling 1


  • Compact safety clutch
  • Universally applicable on 14 different nipples
  • Robust design
  • No loss of compressed air guaranteed
  • Nipples from 6 mm to 11 mm
  • Large compressed air flow
  • Limits the storage of different coupling systems
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  • The Javac universal safety quick-connect couplings are placed in a safe position by turning the coupling a quarter, which also frees the free passage of compressed air, the nipple can only be removed when the coupling is returned to the safe position .
  • This prevents the coupling from starting dangerous rotational movements.
    The free passage of compressed air is 1200 liters per minute, which allows a sufficiently high flow rate for most compressed air machines.
  • You can also let it hang in the quick coupling without pressure.
    With this quick coupling you have a quick coupling that meets the safety requirements of ISO 4414.
  • Javac universal quick couplers are available with ¼ “internal or external thread or hose nipple and fit on 14 different nipples.
  • This prevents loss of compressed air through nipples that appear to just fit together but cause heavy losses in the compressed air.For retail businesses difficult storage problems are avoided, as each user has their own. own nipple system on its compressed air devices.
  • The universal diameter of the plug-in nipple and quick-connect coupling from 6 to 11 mm guarantees absolutely no pressure loss with small hand tools.
  • The 8mm bore is very suitable for large tools for truck shops and the 11mm is used in large construction shops.
  • The extremely robust quick connect is made of 17% chrome stainless steel and is designed for trouble-free use in very demanding applications.

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