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  • Topsilent 55dB(A) is the top of the range Javac power generators.
  • Maximum performance with minimal noise emissions.
  • Sound emission reduces to 55 dB(A) sound pressure at 7 meters,
  • Available in the further improved version that reaches an absolute peak of 48 dB(A) at 7 meters.
  • Can be used in city centers both during the day and at night, even in the quietest residential areas.
  • The entire structure is made of cold galvanized steel without any welding.
  • Available in capacities from 8 to 250 kW.
  • Extremely compact design.
  • Will be fully customized to the wishes of the customer, Ral color of your choice.
  • European product.
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Topsilent generator 55dB(A)

Structural features

  • Outdoor installation, with a soundproof canopy for outdoor use.
  • Materials and sound insulation.
  • Galvanized steel.
  • Epoxy powder coating with high weather resistance.
  • Mounting the housing with galvanized steel bolts, without welding.
  • Sound-insulating installation through galvanized steel rivets.
  • Noise emissions: up to 55±3dB(A) at 7 m (sound pressure level) on all sides.
  • Lifting system: top hooks and forklift attachments.
  • Exhaust system: residential muffler in the sound insulation.
  • Operating mode: manual or emergency with automatic start/stop.
  • Fuel: diesel.
  • Tank: Integrated in the base, designed to last 8 hours of continuous use at 75% load.
  • Control panel: located in the sound insulation, easily accessible from the outside by automatic protection switch, 4-pole differential and electronic relays.

Sound insulation and housing

The soundproof housing is made of cold galvanized steel.
The outdoor units are provided with an ultra-high resistance epoxy powder coating, which is suitable for outdoor installations.
The sound insulation is very resistant to atmospheric agents. Our silent residential muffler is incorporated into the sound insulation.
The enclosure is patented to ensure residual noise down to 55±5dB(A) at 7m and is fitted with opening doors on both sides for easier access to every part of the machine and a door for the electrical panel and controller. All doors are fitted by:

  • Locks with recessed stainless steel handles fixed at two points, with key.
  • Stainless steel hinges.
  • External opening.
  • Seals from the automotive industry guarantee perfect sealing against water and noise.
  • 100 mm thick self-supporting, sound-absorbing modular panels.
  • Sound-absorbing and sound-insulating fire-resistant class A1 in mineral fibres.
  • The sound-insulating material is held by pre-drilled galvanized plates, covered with a coating layer of mineral fibers against dust, oil and diesel fumes.


Industrial diesel engine of leading brands (Lombardini, FPT, Deutz, Perkins, Cummins, MTU or equivalent) with suitable power according to customer requirements.

Residential exhaustIt consists of high quality muffler for residential exhaust fumes [up to 35/38 db(A)], located in the housing with a special anti-rain closure system.
The muffler is incorporated in the sound insulation. The exhaust pipe is protected by class A1 fire resistant insulation materials. The exhaust system is connected by a flexible steel flange.


Three phase synchronous alternator from leading brands (Marelli Motori, Mecc Alte, Stamford) with brushless rotating diodes and electronic voltage regulator (AVR), or choice of permanent magnet alternator

  • Class H insulation.
  • Mechanical protection IP21; IP-55 for the PM version.
  • Tropicalization treatment on windings (optional).

Internal tank

The fuel tank, integrated into the base, is suitably designed to ensure 8 hours of continuous operation at 75% load and is equipped with a fuel tank level gauge.

Command and control panel

Automatic electrical panel installed in the generator, equipped with management, control and command equipment, from Deepsea, in the following version.
Made of machined sheet steel, degree of protection IP40, insulation voltage 500V, in line with current standards.
It is capable of carrying out all the operations necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the system, through the management, command and control of the operating sequences and the inspection of functional conditions. It is possible to select the operating mode with the button (Stop – Manual start – Automatic – Test).
Monitoring of the generator is ensured by a comprehensive range of protections and controls, such as display messages, optical signals and an integrated audible signal. Available connection via RS485 interface and via communication software, via PC (optional).

Characteristics of the controls:

  • Programmer for Stop – Manual Start – Automatic – Test Mode.
  • Switch command device (in manual mode) Grid or generator interlock.
  • Engine starting device.
  • Engine stop device.
  • Fault reset/siren silence switch.
  • SET device for software programming.Programming device and generator display view.
  • Programmer and grid/generator display view.


  • Internal or external grid/generator switchboard.
  • Panel for generators that work in parallel with each other and/or with the electricity grid.
  • Truck trailer with 2 or 4 wheels.
  • Homologated trailer for free road traffic.
  • Automatic diesel refill system.
  • Battery circuit disconnect system.
  • Remote start.
  • Manual oil extractor pump.
  • Automatic and adjustable electronic battery charger.
  • Engine pre-heater with single-phase power supply and protection fuses.
  • Heater for pre-heating the water of the engine, with liquid circulation pump when the engine is stopped.
  • Heating device for oil pre-heating, if supplied by the engine manufacturer.
  • Electronic speed controller, if not supplied as standard with the motor.
  • Software management system for remote management of 1 generator as well as an entire fleet via GSM modem and GPS module.

Various Applications


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