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  • 181 AMP DC for stainless steel (INOX), steel, copper, etc.
  • PWM and IGBT technology, for high efficiency
  • Very stable arc
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Choice between HF start and lift
  • Adjustable full tig cycle
  • Intelligent under- or overload protection
  • Can be used on generators
  • Long preparation time for long-term welding
  • Equipped with a tig professional SR-17/8 meter torch
655.00 (792.55 incl. BTW)
Meer informatie
Meer informatie

The Magstar 500 DP water-cooled multifunctional synergistic power source, is based on the most advanced digitally controlled IGBT semiconductors and realizes superior spatter free soldering, both in MIG/MAG and in (double) pulsed MIG for any alloy and in particular on stainless steel, ALU and galvanized steel: the result is a weld bead that requires no further treatment.
In fact, you get the visual effect of a TIG, but significantly faster.
The Magstar DP-500 is technologically advanced, robust and easy to use, allowing you to hire less skilled welders, who also work 4 times faster than with a tig machine.
It is the ideal solution for any application requiring high precision in series work.
The versatility of our DP-500 lends itself to all MMA, TIG and MIG/MAG applications.
The wire feeder is equipped with a 4 roller drive system and is designed for the use of all types of wire, both solid and cored.
The use of a welding machine usually includes intervals of use, in that it consists of periods of actual work (welding) and periods of rest (for positioning of parts, replacement of wire and other interventions, etc.).
This device has an autonomy of 60% at 10 minutes and at full power at a maximum ambient temperature of 40 ° C, as it approaches its operating limits, thermal protection occurs.
Flashing messages on the display warn you when the thermal protector starts to operate (see section “Alarm conditions”).
The machine is designed for use in a covered area and has IP 23 class.



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