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  • Compact size
  • Lightweight
  • High torque
  • Built-in power regulator
  • Adjustable throttle provides easy bolt-on starting
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Double hammer mechanism designed for high torque performance.
The exhaust handle design directs air away from the work surface.
Light weight and high torque capacity.
Built-in power controller.
Adjustable throttle for easy bolt-on starting.

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Speed 7500
Steps 1
Torque Nm 2034
Puncture force 2034
Air intake 3/8”
Air Hose 10mm
Rotor Engine slats fitted with correction springs for lasting top power
Air outlet Handle, temperature insulated
Hammer System Twin hammer
Length mm 252
Drive Square 1“
Housing Aluminum
Weight grams 5400
Air consumption l/m 160
Vibrations m/s2 16.56
Noise load dB 99.5
Workload 6.2 bar

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