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  • Adjust the pressure by nut on the front of the torch.
  • 100% usable for the welding of both ALU and FE threaded rods.
  • A wide range of accessories available to tackle the toughest jobs
  • A safety switch installed at the end of the torch results in spark-free welding.
  • No separate mass required, this is incorporated in the welding gun itself.
  • Used for both steel and aluminum stud welds for auto body repairs.
  • Very compact output ring
  • Can be installed completely digitally
  • Operates on 230 volts
  • Very easy to set up, no training required
  • Watch the presentation video for the simple operation
1,850.00 (2,238.50 incl. BTW)
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 Meer informatie

The Javac digital spot welder, is the latest development with several patents, which makes it possible to repair or dent out both aluminum and steel body parts.
An ingenious digitally controlled welding connection prevents the pins or pull rings from burning too deeply into the body plate, and this technique also allows the same rings and fittings to be used several times.
As you can see from the presentation video, there is little or no burn-in to the body panel.
The particularly compact device that works on a 230-volt mono cable.
An extension cord of 10, 20 or more meters has little effect on the proper functioning of the machine because the generated power is limited and extremely energy-efficient.
Furthermore, it can be operated very simply.
The simple panel allows you to clearly set the power required to optimally weld the attachments to the body.
Where in the past 2 different machines were required to process ALU on the one hand and steel plates on the other, this new technology makes it possible to process both bodies, which saves a lot of space in the workshop.
This machine is equipped with a professional pistol, the remarkable thing about this new pistol is that no ground cable is required, which again greatly simplifies work.
For processing the 2 alloys, you can do this with the same torch.
Various attachments are available on the torch, including a hammer and a repeating magazine for the rings to be welded very quickly.
The machine can be placed on a handy welding cart, where you can store all accessories in addition to the torch.
The setting of the machine is done by means of of icons.
Depending on the chosen application, the machine synergistically adjusts its power.
If desired, the user can adjust the proposed powers himself, and store this welding parameter in the memory for a later application.
The machine can be used manually, but you also have the choice that the machine works fully automatically.
The welding gun is equipped with a 4 meter long welding cable, with built-in ground cable.
An adjustment knob is provided on the gun to determine the correct welding height depending on the length of the accessories.


Voltage 110V-230 50/60Hz
Recommended pen sizes AL M4-M6
Weld Intensity 5600 A
Stage 1PH
Electronic Setup Micro setting
Dimensions 425x230x290 mm
Weight 16 Kg

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