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SL-230 V MONO 15 KVA

  • 12 kW op 230 volt
  • Fuse 25 AMP
  • Equipped with 4 industrial 230 volt mono sockets
  • 1500 rpm motorization
  • Very economical engine consumption aprox 2 liters/hour
  • Deepsea controller (option)
  • Ideal for use with storage battery
  • Never imbalance on the output
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The SL-230V mono 15 KVA, is a derivative of our smallest 1500 rpm yard generator from the SL series.
This generator was frequently sold to people with a country house, and who made do with a battery, windmill, or solar panels, or simply to provide themselves with power for daily needs in continuous use.
The SL-15 works perfectly would it not be a pure 230 volt version.
Usually only 1 phase of the 3 phases was loaded, which resulted in imbalance of the alternator, and smoke formation of the engine.
To the extent that these customers do not need a 400 volt power source. In principle, 2/3 of the power is never approachable.
With this SL-15 to be released in a pure 230 volt version, these limitations and shortcomings disappear.
Furthermore, this mono version is presented in the same high-quality version.
Our SL range of generators is equipped with a Hyundai OEM engine with 4 cylinders.
Characteristic is that this engine is very economical with fuel, even at full power.
The housing of the generator is supplied in a sturdy steel plate housing, anti-rust treatment: acid bath, zinc layer and weather-resistant powder coating, which means that these machines remain free of rust for a long time.
The Stamford single-phase alternator is equipped with a good third harmonic and USA AVR controller, so you won’t have any problems with sensitive equipment.
Provided proper maintenance, this machine can be used in a 24/24/7 company setup.
The internal cabling is clearly arranged and runs in cable trays, each cable is numbered according to diagram, so that an intervention can be carried out quickly and accurately.
As standard, this generator is supplied with a well-arranged control panel, on which the hour meter, oil pressure and speed can be read.
As an option you can choose Deepsea controller Deep Sea Electronics which monitors the entire generator for any faults that could lead to a breakdown and locks the generator in safe mode to prevent worse.
You can also expand modules such as an ATS network takeover GPRS, remote control, etc.
These SL generators are supplied as standard with 2 sockets mono 16 and 2 x 32 AMP depending on the power. IEC 61439 standard.
These sockets are individually fused and equipped with a differential switch with main protection.
These generators are used for emergency power, for continuous power supply, or as a backup for battery/solar systems, and especially where a 400 volt connection is not an issue.
You can sign a maintenance contract without obligation, which increases the warranty period to 5 years or 5000 operating hours, whichever occurs first.
An extensive stock of spare parts and wearing parts guarantee you an optimal service.
All documents are supplied as standard.

Deepsea Controller


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