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  • Maximum temperature of 60 ° C
  • 12 bar pressure gauge
  • 16 bar maximum inlet pressure
  • Robust ALU housing
35.00 (42.35 incl. BTW)
 More information
 More information

This ½ ”inlet and outlet regulator can be used at the intake point of your fixed compressed air line, or to be installed directly on a machine powered by compressed air.
The compressed air present in your pipeline, with a pressure of up to 16 bar, can be reduced to the desired working pressure.
For machines, this is, for example, 6.2 bar; For other applications, such as sandblasting or paint spraying, it is best to follow your supplier’s instructions.
This reducing valve is also equipped with an automatic condensation drain, which collects any possible condensation water.
The housing consists of a robust ALU holder, in which the glass bottle is anchored with a transparent pressure gauge, and a rotary knob on which you can adjust the desired air pressure.
Note that this in no way replaces a condenser dryer or other device that provides “dry” air.
Also available in larger versions, you can request more information by completing the application.

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