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  • Pure Sine Technologie
  • 40% lager verbruik dankzij automatische carburator
  • Dual flow koelsysteem voor betere koeling en langere levensduur
  • Robuuste behuizing met stevige wielen voor makkelijke verplaatsing
  • Voorsprong door techniek: deze digitale benzine generator bevat 19 patenten
3,750.005,750.00 (4,537.50 incl. BTW)
Meer informatie
Meer informatie

Recreational generator

Unlike most mobile recreational (RV) generators, which are usually limited to 3KW, we market powers from 3 to 8 KW, which allow you to connect machines with a higher load without worry, such as: air conditioning, microwave, ovens, hobs, etc., this greatly increases your radius.
The JAVAC RV Power Generator is perfect to use for mobile homes, caravans, pleasure yachts, as well as for intervention vehicles, such as police or fire brigade.
It is standard equipped with a starter that is connected to the battery of the vehicle or vessel.

​Special features

  • . Pure Sine Inverter Technology: Provides safe clean energy for sensitive equipment and maximizes basic equipment life.
  • . Remote control: Generator can be switched on and off from a central control panel, to be built into your yacht or vehicle, on the LCD screen you can read all data centrally, to set hour meter, oil alarm, voltage, etc..
  • . Small size: With an installation height of only 27cm, it is far below the usual installation height of other brands, this allows you to install this generator in a lost space, without having to change the supporting structure.
  • . Low Noise Level: The 3500iS, for example, has a noise emission of only 54dB, so you won’t have to let your sleep, not even the neighbor at the campsite.
  • . Car carburetor: Ensures that the generator operates at the lowest achievable speed in function of the load, thereby greatly reducing consumption and noise emissions.
  • . Wave Wattage: This generator is equipped with a double wave power, unlike the conventional generator, which gives it a strong charging capacity.
  • . 40% Less Fuel: Gasoline consumption automatically adjusts in proportion to the load, while conventional generators always run at 3000rpm with high torque, our generator will adjust the speed to suit the load, preserving torque at the same time. conversion of the fuel optimally, resulting in a higher energy efficiency, this together leads to a fuel saving of up to -40% less consumption, and this is important with greedy small petrol engines.
  • . Safety : Our RCD is 1000 times faster than conventional circuit breakers, ensuring user safety, especially in damp areas.
  • . 4-stroke engine: For smooth operation and reliability.
  • . Dual Flow Cooling System: This patented cooling system ensures that the engine and alternator are cooled better, which is reflected in a longer life.
    Quality and Engineering Edge: 19 patents incorporated into this generator along with CE, & EPA certification guarantee the quality and technical edge of these digital generators.

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