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    • Particularly attractive in pricing
    • About dimensioned screw unit
    • Little noise pollution
    • Industrial design for intensive use
    • Compact design takes up little space
    • Low maintenance costs
    • Option with VSD inverter
    • 4-year or 2000-hour manufacturer’s warranty
    • Available from 5.5 hp to 20 hp

2,500.00 (3,025.00 incl. BTW)
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 Meer informatie

The big difference with most screw compressors in this price range is the low speed (3000 rpm) of the screw element, which means that these machines emit considerably less noise pollution and have a longer lifespan and much less heat development than what you find with our competitors.
As a result, you will rarely find the speed in their technical description.
This does mean that our automotive compressors are built around a much larger (read more expensive) compressor pump.
The complete compressor is a combination of compressor, dryer, and a thick-walled compressed air receiver, interconnected with the necessary flexibles. The dryer is standard equipped with a pre- and post-filter, all equipped with an automatic drainage system.
The compressor itself is carried out in a sturdy housing in enamelled steel plate and very transparent because all walls can be removed with a click system, so that the filters and other components are freely accessible.
This means that our technician can carry out maintenance more quickly (ie cheaper).
The compressor is extensively tested in our workshop for its correct functioning.
With you, the customer, this compressor can be put into operation in no time, power supply, and connection to the compressed air network.
This means that we can carry out the delivery and submission free of charge.
The training on the operation of the compressor is explained in 5 minutes, and is limited to operating the clear LED indicator screen, where all parameters can be set according to the user’s choice.
We deliberately limit the compressed air to 10 bar.
This is more than sufficient for 95% of the compressed air requirement, in the knowledge that most compressed air applications worldwide operate at 6.2 bar as standard.
Technically, these compressors therefore perfectly meet the company profile of most companies.
Finally, it is not the compressed air pressure that is the most important, but especially the flow rate in litres/min, which is left clean at the tap.Our compressors have by far the best efficiency per horsepower.
Don’t be blinded by a number preceded by the term “aspirated volume”, this is a very flexible concept, which is important for the net power and this gradually decreases with more work pressure.
Know that every bar too much pressure in a compressed air receiver, you will be charged heavily in your power consumption, you get the best efficiency with a delta of 6.5 at 8 bar (freely adjustable on the keyboard).
To smooth out the peak power, you can take the option of a VSD.
This electronic control (inverter) can be read on the LED screen together with the operation indicator.
The weight of the screw compressor may also give an indication of the quality value, with an equivalent compressor that weighs up to 30% less, the question can be asked how this is possible?
It is also important that you invest in the right device.
That is why we always try to send our consultant on site, during this meeting it becomes clear what your needs are.
For example, we examine which capacity and technology best suits your business operations, and we also analyze in consultation which quality your compressed air must meet.
And whether an aftercooler, dryer or even an absorption dryer should be provided additionally.
Finally, you also have to think about how the compressed air gets to your machines, an aluminum compressed air pipe.
This is by far preferable; no hassle with threading, gluing, and guaranteed leak-free and this foreve



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