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JAVAC - Olievrije Scroll Compressor (Afbeelding 2)
JAVAC - Olievrije Scroll Compressor (Afbeelding 2)


  • Pure oil-free compressed air
  • Equipped with economical IE-3 engine
  • Very quiet operation
  • Ideal for dental, pharma and food compressed air
  • Simple in design
  • Compact version
  • Fairly high efficiency
  • 3000 rpm, with no implications on durability
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High efficiency is one of the distinctive advantages of the Javac scroll compressors, thanks to the unique operation of the IWATA (JP) scroll technology. The compressed air is obtained through the interaction of a fixed and rotating shell (scroll). Air at atmospheric inlet pressure enters the compression chamber at the outer coil of the scroll element. Once the air is sucked in, the eccentric rotating scroll closes the inlet valve. Meanwhile, the rotation continues and the air is gradually forced into a considerably smaller space. Finally, a constant stream of compressed air leaves the scroll element through an exhaust valve in the center of the fixed part of the scroll. This process is continuously repeated steplessly, resulting in a constant supply of pulsation-free compressed air. This technology in itself has been around for many years and until recently was found almost exclusively in cooling compressors, such as reefers and air conditioning installations.

100% oil-free compressed air

100% pure oil-free compressed air certified according to ISO standard 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010).
As a result, there is virtually no contamination in the compressed air applied, so no risk of contamination by oil particles, so no consequences to damaged or unsafe production, especially in the food industry, we do recommend to further equip this compressor with the necessary additional filters with or without an absorption dryer to filter impurities and other elements present in the ambient air (aerosol, fine dust, pollen, etc.).
If desired, you can obtain a TUV certificate from us for possible checks by the competent services.

Extremely quiet operation

The SCRL-32./100 has a very low noise level of 59 dB(A), the ideal choice for noise-sensitive working environments, you can also get this compressor in a soundproof cabinet, which reduces the noise load even further to 52 dBa.

Efficient with energy

Our Javac oil-free scroll compressors are equipped with premium IE3 motors as standard.
No-load power consumption is avoided by the prestostat that automatically controls the start/stop control.

low maintenance

A scroll has only 2 moving parts.
This results in less friction and a relatively long service life depending on the application, coupled with minimal maintenance interventions.
If you have an application in 24/24/7 use, we recommend the same technology but with microlubrication, which makes the lifespan remarkably longer, so see the scroll combi version on our site.
Also with this technology 100% pure oil-free possible.
Let our advisors advise you on this.

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