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NT 2

  • Entry-level model for your own fleet or small tire center
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar, so also for trucks
  • Small tank of 200 liters is sufficient
  • 1 band per session
  • Suitable for all vehicles
  • Can also be used for paint guns
  • Purity between 95 and 99%
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compressor required from 10 hp
  • Yield 228 litres/minute
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The Javac NT-2 nitrogen generator is the entry-level model for truck tires with pressure at 9 Bar.
But it can also be used for passenger cars with motorcycle wheels, in light trucks (van).
The purity of the nitrogen is as good as total at 99.5%.
This value can be consulted on the LED screen.
This machine must be equipped with an external galvanized tank of 500 or 1000 liters to store the nitrogen.
Een groter vat laat u toe om meerdere banden te vullen, zonder dat u moet wachten op de generator.
The splitting of the air mass into oxygen and nitrogen is achieved with a sophisticated CMS filter on 2 levels, while the first filter takes care of the splitting of the air, the second filter provides an optimal purity of the nitrogen through. an active carbon filter.
The incoming air is pre-filtered on water and oil particles.
Het vullen van de banden wordt volledig automatisch gestuurd mits een PLC, en te volgen op het LED-display.
Among other things, the display has a memory to store the last filling data.
Both filters should be replaced every other year, this is also reported in good time on the LED screen.
From machine werkt volledig veilig.
As soon as the nitrogen generation is stopped, this generator switches off automatically.
This machine is also equipped with an alarm system that is activated as soon as an irregularity is detected.
Finally, this unit can be connected to a computer system to store the filling values ​​of the tires.

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