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  • Separates water and oil in the crankcase
  • Oil retains its viscosity
  • Nanotechnology for wear reduction
  • +6 % higher flow
  • Longer life of your compressor
99.00212.00 (119.79 incl. BTW)
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 Meer informatie

Our reciprocating compressors have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects, if properly maintained. An important factor of maintenance consists of a good oil, the compressors are supplied as standard with a running-in oil (rodage), you should replace this after about 50 hours, after the running-in process of the pump has ended, you should use this nanofix oil, and then to be replaced every 300 hours of operation. our javac Nanofix compressor oil perfectly separates the water from the oil in the crankcase, so that the water condensate remains at the bottom of the crankcase, which ensures that the oil retains its viscosity, also an additive with Nanotechnology has been added, which lays an almost immeasurable thin film layer on the surface of the piston and piston wall, which on the one hand ensures that the compression within the piston is not disturbed, and on the other hand neutralizes the wear process of the friction, so that the compressor pump starts to run more smoothly, and even gives a higher flow rate +6%, all this leads to the fact that your compressor will have a guaranteed longer life, even with intensive use. You can of course also use this oil for non-javac compressors.

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