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  • Equipped with 2 sturdy solid rubber wheels
  • Efficient Cast Iron Compressor Pump
  • Available in diesel and petrol version
  • Equipped with automatic pressure switch
  • Standard equipped with electric start
  • Sustainable engines
  • Pump equipped with aerodynamic flywheel
1,200.004,852.00 (1,452.00 incl. BTW)
Meer informatie
Meer informatie

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Gasoline or diesel compressors are sometimes the best way to supply air where there is no outlet.
The start of the motor is always in neutral, once the desired speed is reached the motor pulley takes the pump with it by centrifugal force, finally when the tank has reached its maximum pressure, a relief valve opens so that during the job, the compressor remains uninterrupted walk.
We are often asked for a ​​Running a compressor from a generator is not easy due to the large peak capacities that are particularly characteristic of piston compressors
With a PM generator (check out our site for Nanomag) sometimes it works well.
But well priced.
A price-worthy option is therefore to provide a compressor with a fuel-powered engine.
With a fairly high air output, they are ideal compressors to build into a service bus.
Javac offers a range of belt-driven compressors, which are powered by a powerful petrol or diesel engine.
In a range of 500 to 1500 liters per minute.
These thermally driven compressors are of professional quality, the parts used are of a high quality, which is why we also give 5 years warranty on the compressor pump.
These compressors are tested piece by piece in our workshops, including the battery and the electric starter.
The large air yields for these models are sufficient to use for compressed air needs on the move for, among other things, nut drivers.
Tire companies, service vehicles, sandblasters, picking companies, etc. have an answer to their compressed air needs on the road with these compressors.
These compressors can be used for a long time thanks to their slow-running cast iron pumps.


Fuel Gasoline
Pump speed 850 rpm
Motor 17.5 PK
Engine speed 3600 rpm
Boring 120 x 2 cc
Max. druk 12.5 bar
Workload 11 bar
flow 1580 liter
Tank 200 liter
Pomp 3 cylinder
Startwijze Electric Start
Fuel tank capacity 10 liter
Size 1300x560x1100 mm
Weight 320 Kg

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