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  • Super flexible mig torches in length from 3 to 5 meters
  • 100% compatible with the Binzel standard
  • Best price/quality ratio on the market
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Also available in machine version
  • Knee joint on torch and coupling to neutralize pulling force
  • Smooth and flexible torches thanks to silicone rubber outer hose
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The Ultraflex torches are the product of years of experience in the production of mig torches, we dare to say that the quality and ease of use equals or even exceeds major brands such as Binzel, Parweld, TBI, Trafimet.
This supplier, led by an old technical director of Trafimet, has managed to give the mig torches a technical update, for example, these are equipped as standard with both a knee joint on the torch side and on the machine coupling, which prevents counteracting and annoying pulling forces neutralize, you as a welder will certainly appreciate this.
Unlike some mig torches, our Ultraflex torches, very flexible in use, also due to an ergonomic handle, the air-cooled torches are available in length from 3 to 5 meters, in 3 standard versions (other standard also available on request) the UF 15, the UF 25 and UF 36, the wear parts are 100% compatible with the Binzel or Euro standard.
So you can safely continue to use your existing spare parts on our torches.
In addition to the classic 41 and 51 version, we also have the UF 5000 in the water-cooled torches, which is designed to meet intensive and heavy welding, where a normal water-cooled torch is used up after 6 weeks with intensive use. torch lasts 6 times longer, furthermore, due to an ingenious design, the water cooling is provided all the way to the front of the power wick, which gives a much longer service life of your consumables.
In collaboration with the factory, we have been able to significantly reduce our prices so that in practice it no longer makes sense to have your torches repaired, for the price of a repair you now buy a new torch, and you also avoid energy in logistics and follow-up of repairs.

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