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  • Innovative and groundbreaking user-friendliness
  • A stylized version with shock-resistant plastic/metal housing
  • Robust handles built into the chassis
  • Control panel withstands a rough working environment
  • Synergic & digital control of all welding parameters
  • BURN BACK control. The digital control prevents the typical “wire sphere” from forming and ensures correct ignition of the welding arc
  • Absolutely spatter-free welding in MIG/MAG, MIG (double) Pulse in any alloy
  • High welding performance in MMA mode for overlays
  • Wave shape control. Digital microprocessor, keeps the arc accurate and stable even with continuous change in the weld pool
  • Equipped with 99 memories, user-friendly selection and recall of welding parameters
  • Monitoring and repetition of welding parameters
  • Extremely low energy consumption due to a particularly high Cos phi
  • Cooling fan and water cooling are activated when needed.
  • Autodiagnostic function for debugging the system
  • Initial and Crater Welding Cycle Control
  • Welding Current SYNERGIC Adjustment
  • Arc Length FINE Adjust
  • Wire test
  • Water level monitoring
4,250.00 (5,142.50 incl. BTW)
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 Meer informatie

The synergistic multi-function Magstar 500 DP water-cooled power source, is based on the most advanced IGBT semiconductors with digital control and makes it possible to obtain a superior spatter-free weld, both in MIG/MAG, and in (double) pulsed MIG for any alloy and in particular on stainless steel, ALU, and galvanized steel: the result is a weld seam that does not require further processing.
Even more, you get the visual effect of a TIG, but significantly faster.
The Magstar DP-500 is technologically advanced, robust, and user-friendly, this allows you to put less qualified welders to work, who will also work 4 times faster than with a tig machine.
This is the ideal solution for any application requiring high precision in series work.
The versatility of our DP-500 lends itself to any application MMA, TIG, and MIG/MAG.
The wire feed unit is equipped with a 4 roll drive system and is designed for the use of all types of wire, whether solid or cored wire.
The use of a welding machine is usually accompanied by usage intervals, in that it consists of effective working periods (welding) and rest periods (for positioning of parts, replacement of wire and other interventions, etc.
This machine has a set-up time of 60% at 10 minutes and at full power in a maximum ambient temperature of 40 °C when approaching its operating limits, thermal protection occurs.
Messages flashing on the display warn you when the heat protection device starts to operate (see section “Alarm Conditions”).
The machine is designed to be used in a covered area and has the IP 23 class.

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