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  • Pure Sine Technologie
  • 40% lager verbruik dankzij automatische carburator
  • Dual Flow Koelsysteem: gepatenteerd koelsysteem zorgt dat de motor en alternator beter afgekoeld worden
  • Robuuste behuizing met stevige wielen voor makkelijke verplaatsing
  • Voorsprong door techniek: deze digitale benzine generator bevat 19 patenten
  • Veiligheid: 1000x snellere verliesstroomschakelaar dan bij de conventionele stroomonderbrekers, dit waarborgt de veiligheid van de gebruiker, zeker in een vochtige omstandigheden
  • 4-takt motor: goede werking en betrouwbaarheid
  • Geluidsarm: Onze generatoren hebben een geluidsarme omkasting, 65 dBa op 7 meter
  • Kleiner, lichter en standaard uitgerust met een stevig wielstel. Standaard met elektrische starter en batterij + trekkoord
  • Kwaliteit en voorsprong; 19 patenten,CE, & EPA-certificering garanderen de kwaliteit en technische voorsprong
  • Made in EU
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 More information

What is the JAVAC digital inverter generator (JVC Series)

The Inverter Generator converts the unstabilized current into current with a stabilized sine wave, by means of a microprocessor and this in several steps.
The alternator develops a High voltage AC electronic current, then converts it to a stabilized DC current, then returns to an AC stabilized power source 230 volts 50 Hz.
This process is controlled by a microprocessor, the same microprocessor also replaces the AVR which controls the torque of the motor.
The result is a stable, ripple-free power source, making it perfect for on-site battery charging, electronic applications, and other sensitive electrical equipment.
In summary, this petrol generator exceeds the usability and qualities of what is now offered on the market.
More: the inverter generators now on the market are limited to 3 KW (in reality this is 2.6 KW) because their now obsolete technology severely limits the power.
The Javac inverter generator sets the benchmark with a 3.5 KW, 5 KW and 7 KW digital inverter.


With a weight of 50 kg or 76 kg for the 7 KW, they are extremely suitable for site use.
The Javac digital inverter generator is equipped with a gasoline engine specially developed for this digital power source, and is attested to of a high quality, by using only high-quality components in both the engine and the alternator.
The entirety of the petrol generator is designed to make it easy to handle on site and in transport, thanks in part to its light weight.

Special characteristics:

  • Pure Sine Inverter Technology: Provides safe clean energy for sensitive equipment and maximizes basic equipment life
  • Complete control panel. hour meter, voltage, frequency, oil pressure, etc.
  • Automatic carburettor, Ensures that the generator operates at the lowest achievable speed in function of the load, thereby greatly reducing consumption and noise emissions.
  • Wave Wattage: this generator is equipped with a double wave power, unlike the conventional generator, which means it has a strong charging capacity.
    40% less Fuel. The fuel consumption automatically adjusts in proportion to the load, while with conventional generators the speed always runs at 3000 rpm with high torque, our generator adjusts the speed to the load,
  • while maintaining the torque and the conversion of the fuel is optimal This results in a higher energy efficiency,
  • which together leads to a fuel saving of up to -40% less consumption, and this is important with greedy small petrol engines.
  • Safety: Our RCD is 1000 times faster than conventional circuit breakers, ensuring user safety, especially in damp areas.
  • stroke engine: for smooth operation and reliability.
  • Dual Flow Cooling System: This patented cooling system ensures that the engine and alternator are cooled better, which is reflected in a longer life.
  • Encapsulated version + starter Our generators are housed in a housing, which reduces noise emissions to 65 dBa at 7 meters, and yet these generators are on average smaller and lighter than conventional petrol generators in a frame, and are equipped with a sturdy wheel set as standard . As standard, these generators are supplied with an electric starter + battery, if the battery is unexpectedly not charged, you still have the option to start with the pull cord.
  • Quality and Engineering Lead 19 patents incorporated into this generator, along with CE, & EPA certification, guarantee the quality and technical lead of this digitan.

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