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  • Compact 3000rpm generator for small yards
  • Water-cooled 2 cylinder engine
  • Limited weight = solution for service vehicles
  • Very low consumption
  • Can be equipped with a central controller
  • Equipped with external sockets
  • Well-insulated casing
  • Competitive pricing
4,995.00 (6,043.95 incl. BTW)
 More information
 More information
  • The Javac SD-12000 is equipped with a 2-cylinder direct injection and water-cooled engine in V-shape.
  • The alternator is equipped with a well-functioning AVR to regulate the torque of the engine, so that it automatically requests the correct power from the engine in function of the required power.
  • The engine is equipped with an electric starter with sufficient power to start the diesel engine.
  • The generator is equipped with 4 wheels, basically to move the generator over short distances.
  • The fuel tank is large enough to provide the generator with a range of 16 hours at 75% engine load.
  • The average consumption of the engine is between 1.5 and 2 liters per hour.
  • The fuel used is diesel for industrial engines (extra or plus).
  • The generator is built into a soundproof housing, fitted with the necessary doors to provide easy access to all engine components for easy maintenance.
  • The digital control panel displays all operating parameters. (Oil contact, overload, power, voltage, AMP, and hour meter)
  • There is also an ATS contact as standard to make this group useful as an emergency power configuration, provided an ATS network transfer box.
  • In addition to the possibility to connect a power cable directly to the bornen, the device has two connections 230 volts and 1 connection 16 AMP at 400 volts.
  • The power is also protected with a loss current switch with a value of 30 milliamps.
  • The output is stabilized so that sensitive equipment such as electronics can be connected without the risk of overvoltage or heavy fluctuations in the sine wave.
  • This generator can be used very well as a power supply for the light truck to carry out jobs on site.
    But also for emergency power, since the engine and water-cooled versions can be used for longer periods with this generator, without it having an impact on the lifespan of the engine.
  • We recommend changing the engine oil every 200 hours, oil filter and fuel filter every 400 hours and air filter every 1000 hours.
  • With proper maintenance, you should estimate the lifespan of a 3000 rpm engine between 5000 and 10,000 hours depending on the load.

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