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With the introduction of the much stricter environmental requirements for diesel engines and, as a result, a significant additional cost for these EURO 5 engines, there is a tendency to convert older generators that are approaching or exceeding the depreciation period, and whose engine is malfunctioning, to convert them with a euro. 2 EURO 3 engine.
In this way the obligation to go for a EURO 5 engine is circumvented, because you are using a generator or compressor from before this obligation came into effect.
From this point of view, it can be lucrative to equip your old generator with a new Baudouin engine.
These engines, built in France, have recently been acquired by the Chinese Weichai group, which also houses Linde forklifts, and a number of leading tech companies from Europe.
The motors are a great alternative in terms of price without having to doubt the quality.
You will also find these engines in our SL range of generators.
There is extensive information on installation sizes, SAE sizes, this is linked to a very complete range, so that it is almost certain that your old engine can be replaced for a Baudouin engine.
Delivery times are short, thanks to a large warehouse in France.

Baudouin Diesel Engines And Spare Parts

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