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  • Universal air dryer
  • Equipped with pre- and post-filter for optimal operation
  • Operation almost silent
  • Very Low Energy Consumption
  • Automatic condensate drain + 45 min
  • With microcomputer
  • Automatic maintenance update
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Available up to a flow rate of 140,000 lt./min
  • Reset function for maintenance interval
750.00 (907.50 incl. BTW)
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 Meer informatie

Refrigerated dryers are used almost everywhere in compressed air networks and are ubiquitous.
They are by far the most economical application for obtaining dry compressed air: by cooling the temperature of the compressed air, the water vapor present condenses to water.
For all applications where stable conditions are important, the KM series from Javac offers the most efficient solution.
Water is not welcome by compressed air users, but where does it come from?
Water is part of air and this water is the enemy of any compressed air system.
The compressor not only compresses the air, but also the moisture in it and this moisture accumulates in the compressor boiler, tools and in the air line.
The consequences are obvious: rust, parts get stuck, lube oil in your compressed air tools washes away, etc.
This quickly becomes a very expensive price tag: production losses, process failures and interruption in your productivity.
This water comes from the air that enters the compressor as a harmless vapour.
However, during compression and after cooling, water droplets are formed which are responsible for the problems.
Installing a compressed air dryer will prevent these expensive ‘diseases’, because it removes almost all harmful moisture, only dry air is introduced into the pipe network so that an efficient operation of the installation is ensured with minimal costs.
The Javac compressed air KM refrigeration dryers are suitable for drying the compressed air for industrial use.
These are direct expansion and dry evaporation machines.
The air is led over the heat exchanger, where the moisture from the compressed air condenses at the condensation point of 3 C°; the condensate collects in the separator and is discharged through a solenoid valve to the automatic drain point.

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