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  • Concentric valves
  • Concentric valves
  • High-quality cast steel
  • Little noise pollution
  • Hoog rendement a rato 100 L net per pk
330.001,413.00 (399.30 incl. BTW)
Meer informatie
Meer informatie

The Javac compressor pumps, are standard equipped with concentric valves, flywheel with high cooling degree, slow running, they are supplied without oil, with filters, and can be driven by E-motors 1500 or 3000, or by an explosion motor or hydraulic unit. The pumps are made of high-quality cast steel and can be used for a very long time if properly maintained and with due observance of the correct speed. The efficiency is quite high, and for the sake of simplicity can be calculated in proportion to 100 liters of net power output per horsepower. Make sure that you only use Javac compressor oil in order not to evade your warranty conditions.

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