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  • Separates water and oil in the crankcase
  • Oil retains its viscosity
  • Guarantees correct flow
  • Maintains the life of your compressor
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Wear & oxidation resistance

In conditions where the oil film is not satisfactory, moving components may come into contact with each other briefly.
Our Nanofix propeller oil contains additives in the form of copper-containing nanoparticles.
These are responsible for laying a protective layer of 10 nanometers over these moving parts.
This prevents premature wear. But oil also undergoes an oxidation process when exposed to oxygen, high temperatures, water and dust.
This creates oxidation products, especially acids and deposits.
These have a significant effect on the viscosity of the compressor oil.
This reaction may lead to premature damage and undermine compressor performance.
It is therefore preferable to change the oil a little faster, especially in an environment that is contaminated with impurities in the ambient air (ammonia, dust, moisture, solvents, etc.).

Separating water

During the generation of compressed air in various applications, water can evaporate depending on the relative humidity linked to the ambient temperature.
It is important to filter this water from the oil to prevent oxidation so that the lubricating performance of the oil is guaranteed.

The secret of our NANOFIX oil?

What makes our Nanofix lubricating oil unique are our Nano additives.
They ensure that our oil functions perfectly. To. with properties such as oxidation resistance,  viscosity even at low temperatures, but also anti-foaming.
Foaming can cause oil entrainment, resulting in small oil particles affecting the quality of the compressed air.
Our nanofix compressor oil prevents premature corrosion, contamination and wear and neutralizes foam formation.

Is there a universal compressor oil?

Universal oils are made for a wide variety of equipment with standard requirements.
However, screw and scroll compressors are complex machines and often operate under demanding conditions.
Our experience and cooperation with one of the best oil companies in the world has resulted in a perfect oil that is perfected with our unique nanoparticles based on liquid copper, which in itself develops a special property in the Nano format.
We assure that the use on your compressor has a very positive effect on the life and service life of your compressor, and by extension any screw compressor.

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