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  • Smooth auto-rewind with locking 12-point ratchet system that helps you lock at different lengths
  • Heavy steel construction with option up to
  • Option horizontal or vertical wall mounting with 140° rotatable mounting piece
  • Four roller guides prevent premature wear of the hose
  • Powder Coating and Corrosion Resistant Finish
  • Adjustable guide arm
  • Ultra light and super strong compressed air hose
  • Ozone resistant cover provides protection against extreme weather, abrasion and kink damage
  • Hose design with high strength polyester braided reinforcement
  • Smaller ecological footprint
  • Extremely flexible in extreme conditions from -50 degrees °C to 90 degrees °C.
  • 4 way bend limiter for ease of use and better durability
  • Available hose inner diameters 9 and 12 mm
  • Length of the compressed air hose 15 meters
  • Maximum working pressure 20 bar
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The advantages of compressed air reels

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of using a self-winding compressed air reel or hose reel. Reels offer you numerous advantages.

  • Think of saving time because you never have to look for a shortcut again.
  • The lifespan of the hoses or cables is greatly increased because they no longer drag on the floor and wear out or get broken.
  • No more dangerous situations caused by many meters of hose on the work floor.
  • Because your hoses are always perfectly tidy, you have a workplace that the ARBO demands of you.
    You have everywhere, quickly, flexibly and exactly the desired hose length at hand, where cleaning up is a matter of seconds.

​Why buy the Javac compressed air reel?

A carelessly chosen compressed air reel can cause unnecessary pressure drops, for example.
Most air tools are designed to function optimally at a working pressure of 6.3 bar.
A higher pressure results in unnecessary energy loss and extra wear.
A low working pressure greatly reduces the performance of your tools.
So always ensure the correct working pressure on your hand tools and take into account the air demand of your tools when choosing the compressed air reel.
To determine the air consumption of your hand tool, refer to the manufacturer’s data sheet or consult your supplier.
If you start using a reel, you can enjoy it for years to come.

​How to use a compressed air reel?

Our compressed air reels can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall or on the floor. The reels are supplied with a swivel bracket (wall mounting) as standard.

You can slowly pull out the hose until the desired length is reached. If the reel lock rattles, you can block the hose by releasing it. The hose does not roll up now. Always unroll a few extra meters from the reel for relaxed working.

You can make the hose reel up by pulling it slightly out of the reel and then pulling it back into the reel. Caution: Never let go of the hose when winding it up. A whipping hose is dangerous and can cause injury or damage. At a minimum, it is at the expense of the life of the hose, quick coupling or reel and it is not normal use of a hose reel.

Tips for a long life of your compressed air reel:

  • Make sure that the hose can always be unrolled without lateral forces on the reels.
  • Always install an easily accessible ball valve in front of the reel so that you can shut it off.
  • All maintenance must be carried out with a pressureless hose reel.
  • Never open a reel (the coil spring in the drum can cause serious injury).
  • Have repairs carried out only by the importer or trained personnel.
  • Make sure that the connection hose is mounted stress-free.
  • Make sure that you roll up the hose as nicely as possible to prevent unnecessary damage to the hose and reel.
  • The hose is equipped with a hose stop that you can adjust to your own liking in order to set the desired free length of the hose outside the reel.

Javac Warranty

We dare to say that the Javac compressed air reel has the lowest pressure loss of all compressed air reels on the market. You save on pressure loss every day thanks to the innovative reel swivels with free passage. Feel free to lower your compressor pressure and take advantage of the modern design.


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