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  • Suitable for TIG.
  • Responds from 9 A.
  • The BESTVIEW IV is suitable for both welding and grinding.
  • The BESTVIEW IV is equipped with 4 sensors.
  • Newly improved reversible headband mechanism that adjusts the wearer’s center of gravity.
  • Battery change not possible.
  • 2 3V lithium batteries.
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The BESTVIEW IV is fully automatic, impact resistant, handy, and it looks great!
The BESTVIEW IV with automatic dimout is suitable for both welding and grinding.
It has excellent wearing properties.


Viewable area 98 x 43 mm
Cassette Dimensions 110 x 90 x 9 mm
Constant UV/IR Protection up to DIN 16 obscuration number
Light Condition DIN 4
Variable obscuration DIN 9 to DIN 13
Replaceable battery Yes
Switch time light to dark 0.03 − 0.8 ms
Dark to light switching time 0.25 to 0.8 sec
Synergic setting Welding / Cutting
Operating temperature -5°C to +55°C
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
Material Polyamide
Weight 530 grams
Accessories Outer protective glass
Inner protective glass

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