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JAVAC - Werfgenerator - SL-100 - 5
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  • Betaalbare en zuinige werfstroomgeneratoren
  • Verkrijgbaar met grote dubbelwandige brandstoftanks tot 2500 liter
  • Stevige behuizing bestand tegen ruw werfverkeer
  • Behuizing behandelt tegen roestvorming + weerbestendiger coating
  • Hoog kwalitatieve Stamford alternator staat garant voor gestabiliseerde voeding
  • Motoren 1500 tpm watergekoeld, Baudouin F-13260 Cassis
  • Optie ACS + radio afstandsbediening tot 200 meter
  • Handig te verplaatsen met kraan en/of heftruck
  • Alle generatoren standaard met reeds stopcontacten 230 + 3 x 400V
  • Garantie 1000 draaiuren of 2 jaar wat zich het eerste voordoet
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 More information

Javac SL yard generators

The site generators of the SL series are equipped with a Baudouin motor (F) that enjoys an extremely long life.
All our generators are in stock in our warehouses in Kalmthout (B), unless stock is exhausted.
Spare parts, filters and wearing parts are sufficiently in stock.
This ensures a fast delivery of spare parts & service.
In addition, a 24/7 service team is available to guarantee after-sales service, if necessary also at night and in the WE.
As an SME company, we see it as a challenge to outperform the global competition, especially in terms of quality, affordable service and competitive pricing.
With our SL series, we do not compromise on choice of materials; technology and quality choice are of the same quality as the market leaders.

Our SL generators meet the strictest quality standards, including the new EC directive 97/23/EC.
The site power generators in the SL class with water-cooled and economical and extremely strong Baudouin motor (F) engines.
You can make your generator even more complete with numerous options, depending on your application

These SL generators come standard in a sound-insulated body (but also in an open version). The cabinet is made of blasted, metallized quality plate, enamelled in a weather-resistant coating.
Equipped with 3 sturdy doors that give ample access to the generator, handles and bolts in stainless steel.
The price difference between our models is mainly determined by the motorization, depending on the application, Euro standard or exempt.

​Standard equipment

Loss current switch, fused sockets, crane bracket, and forklift recess, wiring numbered and housed in cable trays, AVR controller (USA), sound insulation in thick walled non-combustible foam cloth, insulated exhaust in engine compartment, sensors (cooling water, oil, voltage, speed, etc.) illuminated control panel with readable clocks, emergency stop switch, starter battery 12 or 24 volts, battery key.

The generator has standard- 3 x 400 volts and mono 230 connection in 16, 32, 62, 125 Amp, the alternator in red electrolysis copper, with good third harmonic, guarantees a stabilized power supply for the use of sensitive equipment, with specifications: IEC 2-3, IEC 34-1, EN 60034-1, VDE 0530, BS 4999-5000, CAN/ CSA-C22.2 No14-95-No100-95.

​The specified powers are PRP (prime power), which allows the generator to supply 15% more power for a short time than the specified value.
The engine features in-line direct injection with electric fuel pump.
The whole of the generator is mounted on silent blocks, which ensures vibration-free operation.
The noise emission depends on the engine and is on average 67 dBa at 7 metres.
The standard fuel tank is related to the power of the generator, usually enough fuel for 2 x 8 hours of fuel at 100% load.

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