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  • Particularly powerful plasma source
  • Affordable wearing parts
  • Duty cycle 100%
  • Cuts nice and straight and fast
  • Extremely low energy consumption
1,200.00 (1,452.00 incl. BTW)
 More information
 More information

The Avalon 100 plasma cutter, with its capacity of 45 mm, is by far the strongest machine in a capacity of 100 AMP.
The P-80 HF torch with a length of 6 meters, which is supplied as standard with the Avalon 100, is designed for the full power of this Plasma burner.
Also note that the consumables for this torch are quite affordable.
The cut obtained is straight and does not flare out to a profile thickness of 40 mm.
The limited weight makes this machine very suitable for use outside the workshop.
The IGBT power source (Panasonic) limits the energy consumption in contrast to plasma burners with transformer.
The ignition takes place by means of of an HF ignition.
This plasma torch can be used for cutting all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, such as stainless steel, steel, copper, ALU, etc.
The required compressed air, which is converted into an ionizing plasma gas on the one hand and as a cooling gas on the other, can simply be supplied by a 3 HP compressor.
The compressed air requirement is limited to 250 liters at 4 bar, make sure that you use dried compressed air, without oil particles.

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