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  • Total solution for all welding parameters
  • Very limited weight of 26 kg
  • Welding torches of your choice can be ordered in function of the need
  • Mig with 4-roll drive
  • Clear digital setting panel
  • PFC technology limits the fuse to 16 AMP
  • First machine worldwide with all functionalities in 1 housing
  • Coils of K-300
  • 100% splash-free welding all Ferro and Non Ferro
  • 200 Amp. on 230 volt mono
  • Pulse and double pulse
  • Fully synergic configurable
  • Plasma burner capacity 20 mm
2,750.00 (3,327.50 incl. BTW)
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 More information

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The Javac ALL-IN-ONE has not stolen its name, this unique machine combines a MIG, a single pulse, a double pulse, a TIG DC and a TIG ACDC (HF!) MMA pulse with finally a powerful plasma burner,
The power supply is sufficient with 230 volts on a fuse of 16 AMP, thanks to the PFC technology.
This machine is delivered bare.
In this way, the customer can make his own choice in terms of execution of the appropriate torches in length and power.
All the various welding parameters can be set easily on the digital panel, and the machine can also be set synergistically or freely.
You can save the chosen settings in its memory (99).
The machine is equipped with a 4 roller drive, for a perfect guiding of the welding wire, you can optionally use the K-200 or K-300 spools, which gives this machine a large autonomy.
On the presentation video you will notice that the welding is 100% spatter-free and in all Ferrous and Non-ferrous alloys.
These types of combined machines are more commonly found in the trade, but as far as we know this is a world first to combine MIG, plasma and HF TIG welding.
The plasma torch has a range of up to 20 mm, with a correct straight cut.
This machine is perfect for welding jobs outdoors, and has a setting time of 25% at 40 C° in 10 minutes.
More than enough power to also perform heavy jobs.
For use in the Benelux where the ambient temperature is more likely to be 25°C, this setting time increases considerably.
With an empty weight of 26 kg and a very limited size, this machine can be handled perfectly on construction sites.
But this is certainly also a solution for workshops with a limited available workspace.
The MSRP is clearly below the sum of the different welding machines that this welding machine offers as a whole.


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