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  • Intercoeler
  • Nakoeler
  • Safety valve on each stage
  • Control tap
  • Pressure switch for auto start/stop
  • Water separator
  • Drainage solenoid valve
  • Provide the necessary pressure gauges
  • Chassis in gemoffelde roestwerende coating
  • Chassis equipped with silent blocks
  • Motor equipped with thermal safety
  • Control box, equipped with star/delta switch, main switch, on/off buttons, hour counter, emergency stop, and control LED lights
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The Javac high-pressure compressors can be supplied in an air-cooled or water-cooled version.
These compressors are standard equipped with an intercooler and aftercooler.
Furthermore, a two-stage water separator is provided, for each stage there are separate safety valves.
A non-return valve is provided on the connection to the boiler or piping system.
Each intermediate step is equipped with a pressure gauge to record the built-up pressure.
The compressor comes standard with a pressure switch system to provide automatic operation.
Condensate built up is discharged with a drainage system.
The oil level can be read on the oil gauge.
The oil level is ensured by a sensor, which switches off the compressor when the oil level is low.
The compressor can be obtained on a carriage or built into a housing.
Both versions are supplied in a weather-resistant coating.
And equipped with shock-absorbing pedestals.
The motor is protected by a thermal protection.
The control module is housed in a sturdy housing, and can easily be mounted against the wall.
This cabinet is equipped with star-delta switch, control lamps, main switch, on/off switches, emergency stop, hour meter, and various control LEDs.
As an option, a PLC touch screen control panel can be chosen, which shows the complete operation of the compressor.
For use where the compressor is exposed to all weather conditions, an option can be chosen for the complete frame or housing to be made of 316 Lsi stainless steel.
The working pressure is generally at 40 bar.


Workload 40 bar
flow 1440 l/m
Motor 15 kW
Voltage 400 volt 50 HZ
Rpm 1100 rpm
Number of stairs 2 tweetraps
Amount of cilinders 3 cylinders
Weight 335 Kg
Afmetingen B x L x H 76 x 130 x 86 cm
Security Oil level protect
Option Chassis in RVS
Starting system Star triangle mounted on the wall

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