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3 AXLES – 1/2/3 TON

  • Tilt and clamp from 0° to 90°
  • Start / stop via location independent foot switch
  • Direction of rotation adjustable: cw / ccw
  • Running time adjustable
  • The surface is chrome-plated to protect against weld spatter
  • Table speed adjustable
  • Welding machine can be controlled via turntable control
  • Ground contact transmits 300 A / 100%
  • Turntable and control unit are separated
  • HF protected
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When manipulating various welding workpieces, “turntables” are an indispensable tool.
Our range includes horizontal, vertical, height adjustable and tiltable welding manipulators.
The horizontal and vertical manipulators fix the workpiece to rotate horizontally or vertically about their axis.
The (hydraulic) height-adjustable version allows the welder to bring the workpiece to the desired height, which significantly increases efficiency.
The tiltable manipulator allows to place the workpiece in any desired position, provided that 2 separate drives allow the workpiece to be positioned both horizontally and vertically.
This allows the workpiece to be placed in any desired position.
The result is that the efficiency and accuracy are significantly increased.
A suitable self-centering chuck completes the manipulator, plenty of choice in our catalog.
The most popular Welding Manipulators are our PRO range.
Also note that this PRO series can be used for HF tig devices, without interference to the controller.
The PRO-1 is a compact version, with the built-in controller, the other PRO versions are optionally available with various controllers.
You also have the option to provide another gearbox for higher or lower speeds.
You will notice the quality of our PRO versions, among other things, in the clean drive, even with eccentric workpieces.
You can also use this PRO series as a source for simple pneumatic automation.
If you are looking for other versions, we would like to refer you to our catalog where you have a large choice of various manipulators.

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