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  • Ingenious concept of reverse semiconductor
  • For compressors up to 4 hp
  • Affordable alternative to dew point dryers
  • Removes impurities and oil particles up to 50 micrometers
450.00 (544.50 incl. BTW)
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  • The Javac electronic compressed air dryer is unique in the world.
    By means of an ingenious concept of inverted semiconductors, the air is passed over an electronic cold element, and is thereby cooled down to the condensation point (3 °C).
    Operation does not require maintenance.
  • Furthermore, this dryer has no moving parts, with the exception of the fan.
    This electronic dryer is a solution for all users from compressed air to a compressor of 4 HP, as an affordable alternative to condenser dryers.
  • The principle is the same as conventional dryers, the air is cooled to below the condensation point, after which the condensation water is discharged through drainage.
    Together with the water, the impurities and oil particles up to 50 micron meters are also removed, resulting in clean air, which prevents problems from occurring with your compressed air tools.


Workload 8 bar, maximum inlet pressure = 10 bar
Ability 370 kW / 4 HP
Aspirated air 420 l/min
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Ambient temperature ≤ 35 C°
Inlet temperature ≤50 C°
How it works Dew point 4 °c
Maintenance No maintenance
Compressor 4 HP
Affiliation ½ “
Weight 15 Kg
Dimensions cm 230 x 161 345mm

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